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Key industries of Yangquan

Updated: 2019-04-18

Yangquan, located in the east of Shanxi province, is a new industrial city, and is now focusing on attracting investment in coal chemical and aluminum industries, equipment manufacturing, new materials, information technology, modern logistics, health care, and cultural tourism. Processing trade enterprises are also on the priority list. 

Coal chemical industry: To accelerate Yangquan Coal Industry Group’s annual output of 200,000 metric tons of ethylene glycol and on the basis of phase ii project construction, Yangquan will actively cooperate with domestic large enterprises and attract ethylene glycol industry downstream polyester fiber, antifreeze, solvent adhesive, paint, lubricating oil and polyester polyol companies, seeking investment to found a coal chemical industrial park.

Aluminum industries: Taking advantage of its rich bauxite resources and power and on the basis of the existing Yangquan Coal Industry Group’s production of alumina and aluminum, Yangquan means to build a 1 million ton-lightweight aluminum alloy industrial park in east Shanxi province to promote "coal - electricity - aluminum - material" integration development. It will actively introduce cylinder heads, wheel hubs, aluminum alloys and aluminum casting and other production enterprises in order to realize whole industry chain development.

Equipment manufacturing: Promoting the development of manufacturing enterprises, such as Huayue Machinery, Huaxin Electrical Appliances, Olen Tape and so on, and improving the manufacturing capacity of coal mining machinery, electrical equipment, coal chemical and other specialized equipment, Yangquan is about to build a coal mine machinery electrical production and service base that serves the whole country. At the same time, it will actively introduce water pumps, valves and other general equipment, transportation equipment, instrumentation and military equipment and other high-end equipment manufacturing.

New material: Taking advantage of the variety of mineral resources and their high quality in Yangquan, and focusing on magnetic materials, cathode materials, ceramics, nano onion carbon and other emerging materials, Yangquan will attract domestic and foreign R&D, application institutions and enterprises and support new material enterprises such as SGL Carbon, Shenzhen BTR New Energy Materials Inc and Zhongxing Huaneng Co to increase local investment and establish large-scale production parks.

Information technology: making full use of favorable policies issued by the state and Shanxi province to accelerate the pilot construction of an intelligent IOT application base, the city will develop new forms of "Internet plus" businesses, integrate the Internet with Yangquan industry, build a smart city, and form a commanding height for regional information technology development.

Modern logistics: relying on its location and transportation advantages and taking the construction of Shanxi (Yangquan) International Land Port Group as the starting point, Yangquan is striving to build the land port central business district and form an industrial agglomeration area with functions of bonding, commodity inspection and customs. It will actively develop multimodal transport of bulk and special goods, foster and introduce e-commerce platforms and enterprises, vigorously develop supply chain logistics, constantly expand chain operations, logistics and distribution, express delivery, online and offline (O2O) and other new business forms, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional retail enterprises.

Health care: To meet the social needs of the family as a starting point, making use of the location and climate advantage of Yangquan, which is located in Shijiazhuang, and Taiyuan, two metropolitan areas close to Beijing, Tianjin, warm in winter and cool in summer, with the vision of cultivating heart, maintaining health and providing for the aged, is attracting enterprises to develop health care products for the whole life cycle and develop the health care industry, promoting the construction of Niangziguan, Xiyan, Hedi and other characteristic towns. At the same time, it will accelerate the construction of sports venues, actively introduce well-known domestic sports events, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with sports organizations at home and abroad, and vigorously develop the sports economy.

Cultural tourism: The industry will heavily rely on Yangquan's rich historical and cultural resources and tourism resources, and publicize and promote the cultural heritages of carved porcelain, paper-cuts, root carving and others in the mode of "Internet + cultural products". It will actively introduce strategic investors at home and abroad and work with them to develop key scenic areas, the Great Wall, Taihang Mountain, and to accelerate development of Niangziguan, Zang Mountain, and the Dapin scenic area.