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Taolin Ditch

Updated: 2019-04-15


Taolin Ditch is a earth-rock mountain region belonging to Taihang Mountain and is located 3 kilometers north of Yangquan, the central city in eastern Shanxi province. According to the overall planning of Yangquan city, Taolin Ditch has been included into the Yangquan Ecological New City. Therefore, in the future, it is expected to become a scenic spot of urban Yangquan, with obvious geographical advantages. 


In ancient times, many peach trees grew in Taolin (peach tree) Ditch, hence the name. At present, Taolin Ditch has become a national AAAA grade tourist attraction. 

Taolin Ditch Scenic Area covers a total area of 1.86 square kilometers. The main scenic spots include Peach Blossom Garden (including vineyards), Agricultural Sightseeing Garden, Taohuayuanli Garden, Water Park and Jianzimiao Park. The supporting facilities of the scenic area include: Taoyuan Fairyland Ecological Food Garden, Taolin Conference Center, Villa Area (under construction), People's Commune Canteen, Outdoor Stage, Parking Lot, Taolin Coarse Cereal Mill, Taolin Crafts Center, etc. Here, you can meet your leisure and tourism needs.