Shanxi folk embroidery


Shanxi folk embroidery is known for its unique artistic style, unsophisticated patterns, beautiful colors, concise compositions, exaggerated modeling, diversified and delicate needlework.

Jin Opera


Jin Opera is one of the four Bangzi operas in Shanxi Province.

Schedule of 'Shanxi brands tour China'


First stop:Beijing's Jinyuan Yansha Mall, from June 17 to 23;Second stop: Hohhot of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region,in July

Shanxi tire exports see record growth in first quarter


Shanxi province exported a total of 131,663 tires in Q1, for a year-on-year increase of 19.42 percent, a new record for tire exports.

Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group produces 'smart' coal excavator


A heavy-duty machinery manufacturer in north China's Shanxi Province has produced a powerful excavator that can autonomously identify and excavate coal.

Shanxi vinegar making its way to other provinces


Shanxi's vinegar association has reported that its members have opened 330 shops in other provinces, meaning they have nearly the entire country covered by now.

TISC granted as national benchmark company for high quality products


The Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co has been recognized as a National Benchmark Company for 2013 for its performance in online quality-control system, according to recent reports.

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