Shanxi Brands China Tour conclude successfully in Hohhot


The five-day event had seen 40 participating enterprises ending up with 1.72 million yuan ($0.28 million) worth of sales and signing 52.42 million yuan worth of contracts.

Hohhot hosts Shanxi Brands China Tour


The Shanxi Brands China Tour opened at the A3 Exhibition Area of the International Convention Center in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on July 19, and will end on July 23.

'Shanxi taking its Brands Tour’to Inner Mongolia


After its successful debut in Beijing, the "Shanxi Brands China Tour" now has plans to travel on, to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on July 19.

Shanxi brands tour China


The Shanxi provincial commercial bureau has said that the "Shanxi brands tour China" will take place from this month to December, in a bid to strengthen the influence of Shanxi brands. The tour's first stop will be in Beijing's Jinyuan Yansha Mall , from June 17 to 23, and 50 of the province’s major enterprises will exhibit their products including wines, vinegar, nuts, special snacks, meat products, drinks, health food, clothing, fabrics, art, and e-business.
"Shanxi brands tour China" will be held in a total of 8 major cities.

Schedule of 'Shanxi brands tour China'


First stop:Beijing's Jinyuan Yansha Mall, from June 17 to 23;Second stop: Hohhot of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region,in July

Shanxi brands tour China


Shanxi Brands Tour China