Shanxi casting firms promote themselves in Shanghai


Updated: 2022-09-20


People visit Shanxi province's exhibition area at the 20th China International Foundry Expo in Shanghai on Sept 19. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

The 2022 Shanxi Brands China Tour (equipment casting session) event was held in East China's Shanghai on Sept 19.

At the 20th China International Foundry Expo, 34 foundry enterprises from seven cities in North China's Shanxi province exhibited castings, casting raw and auxiliary materials and processing equipment. 

"We aim to expand the market, increase our brand influence and understand the development trends of the foundry industry, new products and technologies through the expo," said Tian Guozhu, general manager of ASIMCO International Foundry (Shanxi) Co, the largest specialized manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty vehicle engine cylinder heads in China.

According to the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the 2022 Shanxi Brands China Tour (equipment casting session) aimed to promote Shanxi's advantageous industries and products with the help of the expo, help Shanxi enterprises expand their markets and provide them with a platform for learning and communication.

In addition to participating in the expo, Shanxi foundry enterprises will also participate in a series of economic and trade activities such as business matchmaking, project negotiation, and on-site business tours.