Shanxi immersed in holiday spirit


Updated: 2022-02-15


Colorful lanterns adorn downtown Yuncheng in Shanxi province on Feb 12, creating a festive atmosphere for the Lantern Festival. The traditional festival, celebrated on the 15th day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar, falls on Feb 15 this year, and is an important time for family reunions. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]


Children pick decorated steamed buns in Xinjiang county, Shanxi province, on Feb 12. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]


People watch a tiger dance in Xingfen county, Shanxi province, on Feb 13. Various folk shows have been staged across the province to celebrate the traditional Lantern Festival. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]


Han Fuyuan, an intangible cultural heritage craftsman in Taiyuan, makes Jinci glutinous rice balls on Feb 14. Glutinous rice balls with various fillings and preparation techniques are the most iconic Lantern Festival delicacies in China, as the traditional treat resembles a miniature full moon that symbolizes unity and perfection. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]