Shanxi begins vaccination booster shots program


North China's Shanxi province has recently started rolling out booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccines to further strengthen people's immunity against the pandemic.

As of 24:00 on Nov 1, the province had to date completed a total of 56.27 million shots of the vaccination, covering 27.25 million people. 

Shanxi has now given priority to strengthening immunization among high-risk people and personnel in key positions, to help guarantee the basic operations of society. 

The booster program will mainly cover 10 major groups of people, including cold-chain logistics workers, quarantine workers, staff members overseeing international flight stopovers, entry security personnel processing passengers from international flights, customs workers, medical workers and those going abroad for work and study.

A total of 375,000 people in the 10 major groups had received the booster shots as of 24:00 on Nov 1. 

Those outside the 10 key groups can make appointments for booster shots if their physical health meets the vaccination requirements.