Provincial tourism event highlights Xinzhou, Great Wall


Updated: 2020-09-10


A poster for the sixth Shanxi Tourism Development Conference highlights the Great Wall in Xinzhou city, in Shanxi province. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

The sixth Shanxi Tourism Development Conference was held in Xinzhou city in northern Shanxi province on Sept 9-10.

This year's conference focused on promoting the tour of the Great Wall in Xinzhou city and Shanxi province and presenting the historical and cultural connotation of the Great Wall. 

It included a themed conference, three supporting activities in the main venue -- Xinzhou city which is the most widely distributed area of the Great Wall in Shanxi.

Multi-form Great Wall-themed activities were held in branch venues in Datong and Shuozhou cities.

One of the highlights of the conference was an eight-hour livestreaming relay on Tiktok, a short video sharing platform.

During the livestreaming relay, seven tourist destinations in Xinzhou were introduced by online celebrities, who also shared their travel experiences and promoted local specialties and brands, so as to promote the city and its tourist attractions and online sales of local products.

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