Huawei, Shanxi boost ties to develop digital economy


Updated: 2020-07-30


Huawei's Rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun (left) and Provincial Party Chief Lou Yangsheng unveil the nameplate of the newly founded Shanxi Kunpeng Innovation Center at a ceremony in Taiyuan, July 29. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

An agreement signing ceremony to boost strategic ties between the Shanxi Provincial Government and Huawei Technologies Co to develop the digital economy was held in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, on July 29.

Provincial Party Chief Lou Yangsheng and Huawei's Rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun attended the ceremony and unveiled the nameplate of the newly founded Shanxi Kunpeng Innovation Center.

The new center was jointly established by Huawei and provincial and municipal governments to offer companies and commercial users Kunpeng computing services by integrating the government's and Huawei's industrial development policies, capital, technologies and talent. 

The Party chief said that Huawei's development philosophy and technological advantages were highly compatible with the strategic goals and conditions in Shanxi in terms of development. He added the two sides had a solid foundation and had good prospects for their cooperative endeavors.  

Lou urged Huawei to make full use of its advantages in technology, talent and management to help Shanxi's transformation. 

Huawei Chairman Xu, meanwhile, thanked Shanxi for its continued support and assistance with Huawei's development. He said the company would further increase its all-round bonds with Shanxi, promote its resources and establish more high-quality projects in Shanxi, to help the province's high-tech development.

Under the agreement, the two parties will carry out collaboration in the fields of Kunpeng computing, the energy revolution, training talent, the innovation of information technology applications, digitalization, smart mining, the construction of smart city and smart industrial parks.