Semiconductor industry


North China's Shanxi province will develop dynamic semiconductor industrial clusters with local Taiyuan and Xinzhou cities as centers, according to its government plan on electronic information industrial development in 2020.

Under the plan released on June 30, Shanxi will rely on major enterprises and projects -- such as China Electronics Technology Group (Shanxi) Electronic Information Innovation Industrial Park and Xinzhou Semiconductor Industrial Park -- to improve key technologies and processes in key areas, including 5G, and to establish semiconductor design and manufacturing systems.

Officials said the province is committed to developing a complete industrial chain, ranging from semiconductor design and manufacturing to packaging and applications, through building related industrial clusters.

In addition, it will promote the establishment of the Shanxi Semiconductor Industry Research Institute. This body will aim to provide technical support and a nurturing entrepreneurial environment for semiconductor industrial development, attract top industry professionals and accelerate the growth of the upstream and downstream sectors.

The semiconductor industry in Shanxi has developed rapidly, with its third generation and second generation semiconductor materials and high-efficiency photovoltaic cells sector operators now leaders among peers -- both at home and abroad.

At the end of May 2019, there were over 50 enterprises with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.42 billion) engaged in the semiconductor field in Shanxi.