Shanxi partners with biotech firm in vaccine R&D


Updated: 2020-06-30

The Shanxi Provincial Government and China National Biotec Group (CNBG) will jointly build a vaccine research and development center and a vaccine clinical research base in Shanxi province, according to a framework agreement signed by the two sides in the provincial capital Taiyuan on June 28. 

Both sides will promote new vaccine R&D and the commercialization and application of vaccine technological achievements.

This will be based on their respective advantages in vaccination, use, clinical effect evaluations, and adverse reaction monitoring of human vaccines and other medical products, as well as in epidemiological investigations, prevention and control of new infectious disease outbreaks and development of clinical research industry guidelines.

Wu Wei, vice-governor of Shanxi, emphasized that the province would rely on its provincial vaccine clinical research and evaluation center to facilitate the implementation of CNBG's investment, R&D, evaluation, production and staff training projects in Shanxi.

The joint venture together with CNBG would move Shanxi's vaccine clinical research to a higher level, offering stronger healthcare guarantees to people, he added.

CNBG Chairman Yang Xiaoming said the company would add new vaccine varieties, carry out vaccine clinical research and support the development of the vaccine R&D and clinical research in Shanxi.