Psychological advice for different groups of people amid the epidemic


For children:
1. Parents should monitor their own emotions, as their emotions will affect their children's.
2. Parents should tell their children what is happening and explain the epidemic with vivid examples.
3. Children should maintain a steady pace of life.
4. Parents should often communicate with their children.

For adolescents:
1. Parents' stable mentality is very important in adolescent families.
2. Parents should make plans for the new semester with their children. Adolescents should balance their life, study and break as if they were at school.
3. Adolescents should study independently and lead a regular life.
4. Adolescents should communicate with their classmates and share feelings and information about the epidemic.

For staff returning to the workplace:
1. Participate in various prevention and control measures with a positive attitude.
2. Keep a regular routine, such as getting up and going to sleep on time, and take three meals a day regularly.
3. Use the spare time to do some exercise after work, such as traditional Chinese fitness activity Baduanjin and radio gymnastics exercises.
4. Focus on work and pay less attention to irrelevant information. Pay less attention to any negative information related to the epidemic.
5. Call psychological counselling hotlines or visit a psychologist if unable to maintain mental balance.

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