Tips for workers on preventing novel coronavirus


What else? Let's take a look at other tips we can learn to protect ourselves from the novel coronavirus. 

Confirm the items below before you leave for work

1. Keep disinfection wipes, alcohol sprays, cotton swabs, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves in your handbag. Trust me, you'll certainly need them.

2. Wear a mask before you go outdoors, and don't take it off after you enter your company. It will give you a full day protection. It is better to prepare 2-3 spare ones in your bag, change masks when you arrive at the company and make sure there are no others around when you start to do so. 

Take care on your commute to the workplace

1. Walking, riding a bike and driving a car are the best options for you in order to keep contact with other passengers to the minimum.

2. If your home is far away from the company, and there is no other choice such as driving or taking a taxi and you have to take the subway or bus to work, try to stand or sit separately, with a distance of more than one meter from others. This distance can bring your security against infection.

3. Never eat breakfast on the way to work during the outbreak. You never know if you're going to eat something other than food.

4. Try not to use your phone on your way to work. 

Notes when you arrive at the office building

1. Take your temperature voluntarily. If your temperature is normal, go to the bathroom to wash your hands right away when you get to the office.

2. People with long hair had better tie it up to reduce the chance that it could be touched by others.

3. Don't take your mask off when entering the elevator. You never know if anyone beside you could possibly sneeze. In an elevator -- where air is extremely stagnant -- do not have the illusion that "this place is safe". If your office is located on a lower floor, you'd better take the stairs.

4. Do not press the elevator with your bare hands because the virus can easily attach to the button surface. Use a paper towel to wrap your fingers around, or take a pen and cover it with a pen cap after you use it.

5. Those who use an app to punch in can use the app to locate their places and take photos to punch in. They should try not to use fingerprints function on the cellphone.

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