Shanxi achievements--11th Party Congress of Shanxi province


Updated: 2016-11-07


Party congress takes place in Shanxi

The 11th Congress of the Communist Party in Shanxi province took place in Taiyuan on Oct 31.

Shanxi focuses on Party Congress

The 11th Party Congress of Shanxi province taking place from Oct 31 to Nov 4 has generated interest across the province.

Ideas for developing Shanxi's industries

Entreprisers and scholars attending the 11th Party Congress of Shanxi gave suggestions on the transformation of local industries.

Shanxi to strengthen cadre management  Shanxi to boost efforts at poverty alleviation  Shanxi to deepen reforms of State-owned firms 


Shanxi boosts public healthcare

More patients in the towns and counties of Shanxi have received treatment in local hospitals as the province reforms its healthcare system.

Taiyuan cleans up its act

Taiyuan has concentrated on improving its local environment for residents in recent years.

Linfen improves transport links

Bullet train, plane, automobiles and other forms of transportation are offering residents in Linfen more choices for traveling these days.

Shanxi betters coal blending technology

More than 100 million tons of unused low-quality coal is expected to be used as raw material for coking, with the latest coal blending technology invented by Shanxi Coking Group. 


Private investment booms in Shuozhou

Shuozhou has recently focused on the private sector to fuel local development under the economic downturn across Shanxi province.

Health industrial park settles in Xiaoyi

A health industrial park costing 2.2 billion yuan ($325.31 million) will settle in Xiaoyi county, Shanxi province.

Shanxi officials to serve in enterprises

Some 10,000 officials from Shanxi are set to embed themselves in 3,545 local companies in order to help them improve the way they run their businesses. 

Pingyao officials serve in companies

Thirty-nine officials have been dispatched to companies in Pingyao county, helping to improve the management of local firms since September 2016.