Shanxi Mature Vinegar Group

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Updated: 2012-03-12

The Shanxi Mature Vinegar Group Co Ltd developed out of the Meiheju vinegar workshop, in Shanxi province and has a history of nearly 1,000 years.

In the late Yuan and early Ming dynasty (around 1368), while vinegar operations in Shanxi began developing their own system, after years of growth, their vinegar was fairly light in color and lacking in taste, without much aftertaste.

That year, Meiheju, in Qingyuan county, invented a fumigation method that produced a vinegar that was red in color and mellow and sour in taste. The vinegar was recommended to a prince and was well received. Afterwards, the producer sent artisans to the royal residence to make vinegar there, which was in turn presented to the imperial palace as tribute. The fumigation method then gradually spread among the vinegar workshops of Shanxi and, during the early Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1661), Meiheju reached its heyday, as its business expanded across the country.

Meiheju is now the Shanxi Mature Vinegar Group Co Ltd, which is still using the traditional methods of vinegar-making, with the best sorghum, barley, and peas and the same five procedures -- steaming, fermenting, smoking, filtering, and drying in the sun -- without any chemical catalysts. Through the use of wild fermentation, it retains the beneficial parts of the raw materials. And through natural fermentation, drying in the summer and removing ice in the winter, it eliminates impurities and retains the purity for a quality, mature product. The classical Health-care Vinegar has Ministry of Health approval as a health food and is known worldwide for its unique ability to regulate the vital energy flow and stop flatulence, soften blood vessels, and reduce triglyceride.

The company has its ISO9002 international quality system certification and has approval from the United States’ Food and Drug Administration . The company’s vinegar has been exported to dozens of countries, including the US, Japan, Australia and South Korea and is regarded as China’s best vinegar, and a “Chinese secret” by Europeans, Americans and Japanese.

The company’s signature products carry famous trademarks, such as Mei He Ju, Dong Hu and Yi Yuan Qing. This mature vinegar, from pure grains and traditional vinegar-making craftsmanship, will bring good health to customers.